Experience the next generations 'Segelflug-Fotografie'
Tobias Barth – digital photography at an absolutely new level
You too can become a photo-model for exceptional photo-art!

The curtain opens on an exclusive liaison:
Tobias Barth is joining the Fotokalender Segelfliegen team.

The new Fotokalender Segelfliegen 2017 will be released soon, but right now we have the best news for all the fans of brilliant soaring pictures: Tobias Barth and Fotokalender Segelfliegen will be working together permanently!

He is living in Stade (Germany), has been an aero-space engineer and glider pilot since his youth. His complex digital photo-settings are of unparalleled technical and artistic scale.

We are very happy to have detected an extraordinary photographer in Tobias Barth, with all the requirements to follow in the footsteps of Claus-Dieter Zink. The best pictures of both photographers will hence forth take their place in the calendar.

From now on you have the opportunity with your aircraft to be immortalised by Tobias Barth. In Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic or where ever it just happens. Even arrangements "on call" are possible. Your contact: tobias.barth@fotokalender-segelfliegen.de

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